Certified Professional Coach

“Do not ignore the passion that burns in you.  Spend time to discover your gift.”  –Steve Harvey

How much time have you actually spent discovering your gift?  Your gift is something that you do with very little effort, but do it “very well!”  If you are unsure of what your gift is, you are not alone.  I too was unsure and things felt confusing at first. My spiritual beliefs and my faith always guide me in my life endeavors.  Through a process of self-discovery, I came to the realization that what I love, and what I am good at, is helping others by coaching them.

My wish to help others took me to the World Coach Institute, and I studied to become a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) so that I can help people look within themselves and figure out their true potential and their most honest goals.

All human beings have moments when they long for more: That moment when we demand more from ourselves, our connection to a higher power, and the impact we can have on others.  Through our collaborative work together, you too can finally have your “Aha!” moment. Let me help you reach your highest potential and fulfill your goals.

I am fluent in ENGLISH and SPANISH. My fee is $75 per coaching session . I do use a sliding-fee scale when it is genuinely indicated.

You may reach me at The Tampa Bay Center for Psychological Health at (813) 607-2542, and leave a confidential message for me at Ext 101. I will return your call as soon as possible.