Mindful Spring Cleaning Tips

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Mindful Spring Psychology

-Mindful Spring Cleaning Tips- In addition to blooming flowers and new growth, spring is a time associated with cleaning and decluttering our lives.  Your to-do list might include clearing out the garage or reorganizing a closet, but have you considered taking time to organize your thoughts and clear your mind?  Here are simple tips for a fresh perspective this spring. … Read More

College Admissions: A Recap for Stressed Parents

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Parents College Stress

-College Admissions: A Recap for Stressed Parents –By Aisha Abbasi M.D. Back in September 2018, we posted an article offering advice for parents dealing with stress and anxiety associated with their children’s college-application process.  Now seems like an important time to re-share this message, considering some of the recent headlines regarding college-admission scandals and stories of parents playing a role in costly scams … Read More

Perspective for Parents with College-Bound Teens

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Parents Teens College

Perspective for Parents with College-Bound Teens By Aisha Abbasi M.D. The college application process is often a time marked by high anxiety for teenagers and their parents, rather than being a time of anticipation and pleasures about a new phase of life.  As your teenagers prepare to apply to college, here are five tips to create perspective: Fair Decision-Making: Contrary to most of … Read More