The Tampa Bay Center for Psychological Health

SERVICES (Adults Age 21+)
  • Individual & Group Therapy
  • Couples & Family Therapy
  • Psychotherapy for Adults
  • Individual Psychoanalysis (limited openings)
Patients who may need medication will be appropriately referred to another physician for that part of their treatment, while continuing their therapy at the Center.
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At TBCPH, we understand that all human beings struggle, at times, with feelings of anxiety and/or depression, problems in relationships, the inability to achieve our full potential because of fears we are not in touch with, unresolved mourning, unrecognized traumas, and a multitude of symptoms and inhibitions.

We believe that these struggles are all part of the human condition, and can be gradually understood within the context of a useful therapeutic relationship. Such understanding then becomes a core part of a person's functioning and allows them to modify their existing ways of thinking, being, and solving problems, which have been causing them suffering. When treatment goes well, newer ways of functioning emerge, which allow one to live, work, play, and love, with much less suffering and much more joy and success.

At TBCPH, we believe that psychological struggles take time to develop, and therefore require patient and  deep listening on the therapist's part, and dedicated, attentive, and collaborative work between the therapist and the patient, to achieve the changes that are desired. Our goal is to offer a safe , confidential, and trustworthy treatment setting and relationship (with a skillful therapist) where this sometimes difficult,  but extremely useful, work can take place.