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  • Psychological/Psychoeducational Testing
See Below for details about Comprehensive Psychological Assessments and Testing. Patients who may need medication will be appropriately referred to another physician for that part of their treatment, while continuing their therapy at the Center.
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At TBCPH, we understand that all human beings struggle, at times, with feelings of anxiety and/or depression, problems in relationships, the inability to achieve our full potential because of fears we are not in touch with, unresolved mourning, unrecognized traumas, and a multitude of symptoms and inhibitions.

We believe that these struggles are all part of the human condition, and can be gradually understood within the context of a useful therapeutic relationship. Such understanding then becomes a core part of a person's functioning and allows them to modify their existing ways of thinking, being, and solving problems, which have been causing them suffering. When treatment goes well, newer ways of functioning emerge, which allow one to live, work, play, and love, with much less suffering and much more joy and success.

At TBCPH, we believe that psychological struggles take time to develop, and therefore require patient and  deep listening on the therapist's part, and dedicated, attentive, and collaborative work between the therapist and the patient, to achieve the changes that are desired. Our goal is to offer a safe , confidential, and trustworthy treatment setting and relationship (with a skillful therapist) where this sometimes difficult,  but extremely useful, work can take place.

NOW Accepting Florida Health Solution

We have a growing list of accepted insurance plans, now including Florida Health Solution (, which is a licensed Prepaid Health Clinic (PHC) and a Discount Plan Organization offering affordable health plans with low co-payments.  Some of our therapists also accept Blue Cross Blue Shield (FL Blue), Cigna, and others. Because plans change and terms vary, you must contact us to VERIFY any acceptance of your insurance coverage.

Comprehensive Psychological Assessments
Offered by Vincent Dehili Ph.D

At Tampa Bay Center for Psychological Health, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality assessment and testing to find answers to the questions you hold. All of our testing is provided by a doctoral-level psychologist whose extensive practice and research background is on the effectiveness of psychological testing for ADHD and learning disabilities. We provide screening, full psychological assessments, and treatment planning to help guide you through the process – whether it's testing the limits of your gifted knowledge, assessing for learning disabilities, or evaluating if you have a diagnosis of ADHD.

Assessment & Treatment Planning 
  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

"You had two weeks to start writing this report that's due tomorrow, you're just being lazy."
"Why can't you organize your room to stop losing things?"
"You act too impulsively instead of thinking things through."
"You're so smart: If only you applied yourself more!"
"Why don't you care more about your future?"

These phrases may be commonly told to children, teenagers, and adults without much thought as to what is going on underneath the difficulty in completing tasks. ADHD is a complex, developmental disorder that affects people throughout their lifetime. With psychological testing, we can better identify, evaluate, and treat symptoms of ADHD.

  • Learning Disabilities

 "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." -Author Unknown

We are all born with certain strengths and weaknesses. The important thing is to find what those weaknesses are so that we can better play to our strengths. Through cognitive and achievement testing, we can evaluate people's IQ scores as well as their relative functioning in Math, Reading, and Writing. Recognizing a relative weakness in one of these areas may assist students in being provided accommodations by schools to further enhance their learning by taking away barriers that blocked their way.

  • Gifted Testing

Every child is a special gift. When it comes to their future, it only makes sense to foster your child in the best environment possible within the classroom setting. Gifted Services may further set your child for a bright future, but it can be difficult to tell clearly whether a child is gifted intellectually, creatively, or academically at a young age. This is why seeking psychological testing can provide a clear picture for reviewing your child's areas of strengths compared to a national sample of their same age peers. Evaluating your child may also provide insight if there are any barriers that are preventing them from reaching their full potential.

  • Treatment Planning

Assessments provide incredibly useful quantitative data to gain a broad picture of your results. Finding answers is just the first step, which is why we at Tampa Bay Center for Psychological Health take time to review the results in detail with our clients and connect them with therapy or ADHD coaching to assist clients in overcoming any additional barriers to success. You will be provided a personalized treatment plan with recommendations and treatment from qualified professionals in the field of child, adolescent, and adult therapy.