For Clinicians interested in Working at TBCPH

Dr. Abbasi invites therapists interested in psychodynamic/psychoanalytic psychotherapy, to contact her if they would like to join a select group of clinicians who will be working at TBCPH. Therapists will set their own hours, will receive an agreed upon fee percentage based on their services, and will receive free supervision from Dr. Abbasi.

Therapists  working at the Center will be offered (without charge), over time, a planned sequence of "In- Service"workshops about  the theory and technique of psychodynamic/psychoanalytic psychotherapy, including (but not limited to) evaluation, deepening a treatment, helping patients work through their inner struggles, and the process of termination.

Dr Abbasi will regularly discuss with therapists, the clinical work they are doing, so that patients are helped in the best possible way. 

The Tampa Bay Center for Psychological Health is located at 14924 Casey Road, Unit 3 B, Tampa 33624. If you are interested in being a clinician at the TBCPH, please contact Dr. Aisha Abbasi at, or call and leave a message at 813-492-9241.