What Makes a Relationship Strong?

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Relationship Couple

What Makes a Relationship Strong? – By Aisha Abbasi M.D. – Valentine’s Day is just behind us. Beyond the hoopla, gifts, cards, flowers, etc., what is love really about? And what makes a relationship genuinely strong over time? Let’s turn to what The Bard (a/k/a William Shakespeare, the English playwright and poet) wrote, hundreds of years ago in Sonnet 116. Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116 … Read More

How to Get Through a Tough Week

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Tough Week, Abbasi

How to Get Through a Tough Week-By Aisha Abbasi M.D.- Have you ever had a really tough week? I recently had one. In addition to dealing with something that felt extremely unfair in my professional life, which both saddened and angered me, I had to continue my usual work and personal routine.  My feelings of anger were exacerbated because I had to give … Read More