How to Overcome Struggles through Therapy

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Struggles Tampa Therapy

-How to Overcome Struggles through Therapy-

Overcoming struggles in relationships or situations are among the top reasons to start therapy.  Simply put, everybody endures struggles in life.  How we handle what life throws at us often determines whether we successfully overcome our struggles and enjoy feelings of happiness.

Recognizing and Understanding Struggles

Stress, past traumas, relationship issues, addictions, medical illnesses, mental health issues and disorders can all have an effect on our daily lives.  Our unique circumstances combined with suppressed feelings about our current or past struggles can disturb our functioning and deprive us from contentment and happiness.  Therapy, however, can help us understand, accept, and overcome struggles, while also improving and even deepening our relationships with others.

Overcoming any Fears about Therapy

A professional therapist can gradually help facilitate deeper understanding of different struggles and help identify positive changes in life.  Unfortunately, many of us may experience an internal struggle between a side of us that wants help, and another side of us that wants to remain in a familiar situation, even if the familiar is painful and difficult.  It is important to know that psychological therapy is not designed to force you into getting over something; rather, a good therapist respectfully and tactfully promotes courage for working through struggles and creating positive changes with useful outcomes.

Easing Into Psychological Therapy

At Tampa Bay Center for Psychological Health, our professional therapists offer a gentle introduction to therapy.  You won’t have to divulge your greatest fears and struggles in the first therapy session.  We gently ease prospective patients through an introductory process prior to determining any set therapy framework. 

During a scheduled, private, 20-minute phone conversation, you may simply discuss the general reasons of why you may be interested in a professional therapy setting.  There is no rush to gather information, assess, evaluate, or obtain a comprehensive life history.  The conversation is simply a first step on the path to overcoming struggles in your life.   For more information, read Eight Simple Steps for Starting Therapy.

Dr. Aisha Abbasi , the Founder of Tampa Bay Center for Psychological Health, has been voted (by other physicians ) one of The Best Doctors in America for 17 consecutive years. At Tampa Bay Center for Psychological Health, our goal is to offer a safe, confidential, and trustworthy treatment setting for all patients. For more information, or to request your free 20-minute initial phone consultation, please call Dr. Abbasi at 813-492-9241.

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