How to Cool Your Temper this Summer

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Summer Therapy Happiness

-How to Cool Your Temper this Summer-

Does your temper rise with the summertime temperatures? Summer is a joyous time for some, but the season can be overwhelming and uncomfortable for others.  The kids are out of school, travel logistics are in the works, and routines are often out-of-order during the summer months.  Add on Florida’s extreme heat, and you may find yourself with a flared temper. 

3 Simple Ways to Simmer Down this Summer

  1. Dress for success. Studies show that hot temperatures can fuel rage and aggression. As body temperatures rise, so may stress hormones.  Feeling hot, sticky, and physically uncomfortable could ignite unwanted feelings of emotional anger.  Keep calm and cool by choosing loose, lightweight, quick-drying fabrics like linen, cotton, and moisture-wicking blends. Avoid heavy leather, wool, nylon, and fabrics like silk, which retain heat and moisture.
  2. Unplug and take a short walk. Turn off the phone for a 10-minute, meditative stroll. Discover the bliss of summer.  Colorful butterflies, singing birds, vibrant landscapes, and warm sunshine can all soothe the soul. Pay attention to your surroundings, your thoughts, and your feelings.  Focus on things you are most grateful for in your life right now. For Floridians taking a longer walk, be sure to put on sunscreen, wear a hat, and bring a bottle of water for hydration.
  3. Enjoy an indoor adventure. We know it is hot around the Greater Tampa Bay area, which is why we understand many of you want to stay in the comfort of air-conditioned spaces. Rather than watching television or searching the web, try to enjoy some relaxing summer reading with an actual book in your hand.  Turn the pages, sip a cold beverage, and escape to another world. Try this for at least 20 minutes a day, and you will like how relaxed you feel.

External factors like weather and environment can interfere with our ability to feel grateful and content, especially if internal struggles are also present.  As a Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst with over 30 years of supporting and listening to patients, Dr. Aisha Abbasi emphasizes that individuals hold the power to work through both internal and external struggles to open up the way for more happiness and contentment in their lives. 

Feeling angry or uncomfortable is an aspect of being human.  When anger and other unwanted feelings are recognized and understood, a pathway is opened up for us to not let those feelings paralyze us.  Anger does not have to ruin your contentment on a beautiful summer day.

Dr. Aisha Abbasi , the Founder of Tampa Bay Center for Psychological Health, has been voted (by other physicians ) one of The Best Doctors in America for 17 consecutive years. At Tampa Bay Center for Psychological Health, our goal is to offer a safe, confidential, and trustworthy treatment setting for all patients. For more information, or to request your free 20-minute initial phone consultation, please contact Dr. Abbasi at 813-492-9241.

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