Mindful Spring Cleaning Tips

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Mindful Spring Psychology

-Mindful Spring Cleaning Tips-

In addition to blooming flowers and new growth, spring is a time associated with cleaning and decluttering our lives.  Your to-do list might include clearing out the garage or reorganizing a closet, but have you considered taking time to organize your thoughts and clear your mind?  Here are simple tips for a fresh perspective this spring.

Quick Mental Dusting

A quick way to dust off negative thoughts would be to meditate. Many people around the world meditate to calm anxiety and stress in their busy lives. Search the web, and you will find no shortage of meditation tips, visualization techniques, and helpful videos.  A simple meditation for relaxation is deep breathing, which puts you in tune with the rhythm of your heart and body. 

Sit in a comfortable position with your eyes closed.  Take a deep breath in through your nose, hold the breath for 5 to 10 seconds, and release very slowly through your mouth; repeat these breathing steps 10 times in a row to relax and calm nerves.

Toss Out Old Limitations

Just as you would clean out a closet full of stuff you no longer need, you could clear out thoughts that no longer serve you. 

Consider letting go of ideas that have been limiting your potential.  For example, is there something you’ve been desperately trying to do but can’t seem to master it?  Some people struggle with public speaking goals, invoking stress and anxiety with every attempt.  It may simply be time to let go of the idea of public speaking, and choose another form of communication to convey your insights to the masses, such as blogging or videos.

Choose Professional Services

In life, sometimes there are spots or issues that could greatly benefit from professional help.  This spring could be the time to consider group therapy for conquering fears or addictions. Also, consider working one-on-one with a therapist to determine how to understand your fears or issues and to figure out ways to decrease or overcome them. See Dr. Aisha Abbasi’s article titled “Simple Steps for Starting Therapy” for more information and guidance. 

Check our blog in the coming weeks for more tips and helpful articles.  At Tampa Bay Center for Psychological Health, our goal is to offer a safe, confidential, and trustworthy treatment setting for all patients. For more information, or to request your free 20-minute initial phone consultation, please call Dr. Abbasi at 813-492-9241.

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