College Admissions: A Recap for Stressed Parents

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-College Admissions: A Recap for Stressed Parents –
By Aisha Abbasi M.D.

Back in September 2018, we posted an article offering advice for parents dealing with stress and anxiety associated with their children’s college-application process.  Now seems like an important time to re-share this message, considering some of the recent headlines regarding college-admission scandals and stories of parents playing a role in costly scams to get their children admitted to certain schools. 

I will restate what I have said before about making realistic choices: “I have treated people who went to Ivy League schools as well as community colleges and state universities.  Both groups of people can be very successful or struggle tremendously in life.  Also, people can be successful academically but be extremely unhappy in their personal lives. For the most part, whichever college one goes to is NOT a predictor of success/failure and happiness/unhappiness in life.”

It is also important for parents to find perspective.  Put simply: “Whichever college your kid attends, remember it is about them and not about you. So be mindful not to live out your aspirations, dreams, hopes, and unfulfilled ambitions through your child.”

For additional tips, I encourage parents to read my September Blog: “Perspective for Parents with College-Bound Teens”

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